The End of the Racial Discussion


There has been a great deal of talk in the media about the racial tensions within American borders.

With media stories about police officers beating people in Ferguson to racist chants in fraternities, the topic of race seems to be a more popular topic than ever. People all over the country are talking about it, but these conversations will no longer be started by the baristas in Starbucks.

Just a week ago, the coffee company decided to put “Race Together” on the cups as a way to encourage discussion about the racial issues occurring recently. According to FOX News, the company is already ending this behavior after only a week due to the amount of backlash.

When I first heard about this conversation project ending, I did not know what to think. I had feelings of disbelief and sadness. How can we as a country -or human beings- hope to improve life for everyone if we are not willing to discuss the issues?

I understand that the company should not “push” issues on people to discuss… But we can decide not to talk. We can choose to ignore the sticker. Why must this become such an issue bringing up lawsuits and crazy media attention. This act of taking away STICKERS shows we are scared of the issue placed before us. We don’t want to talk about the problem because it acknowledges that we have one.  No longer is this an issue of a particular region or a cultural difference, it has become a national pandemic. And here we are, afraid of discussing problems or controversy because we may offend, or become offended. Aren’t we supposed to be the changed, more open-minded generation?

But we still are not willing to speak for something in fear that others will be against it.